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Rethinking Ordinary Objects and Everyday Encounters: Celebrating Multimodal Meaning-Making Practices Among Young Children

Seemingly random items, unstructured moments, and unexpected encounters can spark rich learning opportunities and unlimited exploration for young children. In this presentation, children’s meaning making practices at different times and in various places are honoured and discussed in relation to the pedagogy of multiliteracies. Participants will consider and examine multiple forms and functions of meaning. The goal is to seek and highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Registration: https://westernuniversity.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJElfuGorDMqG9ZcyclxOvlGHd5HBo8bshbf

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Xiaoxiao Du is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. She is sincerely interested in children’s multilingual, multicultural, and multimodal meaning making practices across time and space. She has worked with and supported diverse learners and their families as well as early childhood educators and teachers in different settings.