Non-Recurring Membership (One Year)

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Why Become a Member?

At this critical moment in the history of early childhood education in Canada, join a cross-Canadian organization dedicated to creating a forum to activate discourse on current research-informed understandings of early childhood education and care, and have an opportunity to inform provincial and national early childhood practices through participation in CAYC initiatives. As a member of CAYC, you have the opportunity to engage in critical reflection and conversation on current and ongoing research related to issues of childhood and to the lives of young children. Additional benefits of becoming a member include opportunities for:

  • Supporting the work of the Journal of Childhood Studies, an open-access online journal.
  • Receiving reduced registration fees to CAYC professional learning opportunities and provincial and national conferences.
  • Networking with other members in your province/territory and across the country
  • Volunteering in leadership roles locally, provincially, or nationally

We recognize that CAYC is located as an uninvited guest on the lands of many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples, and that membership in CAYC includes engaging actively to refuse decades of systemic injustice and oppressions that continue to operate on the lands now known as Canada.